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Alavina Nourishing Face Oil: Velvety Skin with My Favorite Ingredients

Allison Cohen - Never Say Die Beauty

May 20, 2019

Supporting women entrepreneurs is important to me, so I was eager to try a new organic face oil developed by Cassandra, a long time health and fitness professional.

She created Alavina Nourishing Face Oil initially to help address her own skin issues. In fact, she researched cold-pressed natural oils and tested different groups of ingredients on her own skin. Finally, she settled on the oils of 9 ingredients from the seeds of fruits and plants:



Red Raspberry


Coffee Beans


Sea Buckthorn



After getting compliments on and questions about how she achieved her glowing skin, Cassandra shared her creation with her friends. They too had similar results: smooth, glowing and youthful skin. At that point, she decided to make Alavina Nourishing Face Oil available to everyone.

Cassandra describes Alavina Nourishing Face Oil as follows:

“Alavina is a small batch, high quality skin product that is all natural and organic. No preservatives, fillers or lengthy list of ingredients that are incomprehensible. Alavina was designed for those who want to know exactly what they are putting on their face. If you have dry, dull, aging skin or uneven tones the product may be very helpful.”

I have been using Alavina Nourishing Face Oil for several weeks, and I loved it from the first use. This may seem trivial, but I love the dropper. It is so precise. I can easily drop one or two drops onto my finger. I find that 2 drops pressed into my damp skin will cover my entire face and neck.

The golden oil crafted from many of my favorite oils is lightweight and absorbs quickly. In fact, because of that, I often use it both morning and night. It makes my skin glow and feel incredibly velvety. I love it!

To me, it has a comforting herbal scent, though Cassandra describes it as “floral”. Whichever description is correct, the light, natural scent derived from the ingredients themselves doesn’t linger.

Alavina Nourishing Face Oil comes in a brown glass bottle to protect the oil. It should be stored out of the sunlight to maintain the efficacy of the natural oils. The bottle contains 15 ml/0.5 fl. oz. Because I use only a couple of drops at a time, I am expecting it to last me at least a couple of months. It is sold on the Alavina Skin website, and is priced at $39.99.

Cassandra notes on her website that more natural skincare products are in the works. I eagerly look forward to what’s next. But if you are looking for a highly nourishing, natural and organic face oil (plus vegan and cruelty-free too) and want to support a woman entrepreneur at the same time, you must give Alavina Nourishing Face Oil a try!


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