Oil on my Face! Say What?

Facial Oils are high in skin identical ingredients that can help boost your skins natural glow. They work with your skin, not against it. Oils add moisture to your skin and can help repair the barrier that locks in that moisture. Certain factors like age, stress, lack of sleep, and eating habits can cause our skin to change and appear dull. Using oils can feed the skin with the nutrients it needs to restore itself to health and increase the long-term quality of your skin. Oils benefit all skin types and can even help balance oily skin by increasing normal moisturizing and hydrating properties. My skin is oily ( sometimes dry ) and since I've been using Alavina my skin now feels more balanced and I've noticed my makeup stays on longer. Alavina contains essential vitamins, antioxidants and detoxifiers which are beneficial for your skin. If you are using facial oil for the first time give your skin time to adjust and rebalance. Most of all stay consistent and know that everyone has different skin so customize the drops to what works for you.

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